A quick breakdown:

Bend is broken up into quadrants.

NW, NE, SW & SE. 

In those quadrants there are larger Neighborhood Districts. Within each Neighborhood Association there are Neighborhoods/Subdivisions. 

The areas in BOLD are those I think will be a good fit for you.

  • Awbrey Butte
  • Boyd Acres
  • Century West - Tetherow and Broken Top are the main neighborhoods here. 
  • Larkspur
  • Mountain View
  • Old Bend - Downtown Bend homes East of the River along Drake Park. 
  • Old Farm
  • Orchard District
  • River West - This area is going to be one of the best fits. Homes are close to the river and dining. Sub neighborhoods like West Hills, Kenwood, Miller Heights, homes along Galveston Cooridor and more. 
  • South East Bend
  • Southern Crossing
  • South West Bend
  • Summit West - This is another potential fit with NW Crossing and Discovery West as sub neighborhoods.