Relocating to Bend

Relocating to a new area can be both exciting and stressful, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Tiffany Vasquez, a Bend Realtor with 18+ years of experience, excels at helping people relocate to the Bend, Oregon area. With her step-by-step relocation plan, she can help you navigate the entire process and make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Let’s Chat

Tiffany can help walk you through your relocation plan with you. Then customize a timeline and strategy for your specific needs.


Know Your Buying Power

Tiffany will provide you a selection of local mortgage broker to interview. Your selected broker will help you know your buying power and loan options

Are you a FirstTime Home Buyer? This is an exciting moment and Tiffany has worked with First Time Home Buyers for over 18 years. She will guide you through the process. Check reviews from past First Time Home Buyer clients. 

Will you need to sell your current home before buy? Tiffany has worked with many clients who are buying and need to sell their home to purchase the next home. The most important aspect of this process is a plan. Tiffany can review all options and customize a plan specific for you. 


Your top 10 list

Tiffany will sit down with you and help you compile a list of your wishes, needs, and passions to narrow down potential locations and home types and styles. She encourages her clients to prioritize their top 10 wishes in a home, in order of importance.


Neighborhood Tour

Tiffany will take you on neighborhood tours to show you around the various areas of Bend, including schools, shops, and amenities. This will help you narrow down your favorites, and Tiffany will even give you homework to explore the areas you are interested in like a local.


Home Search & Showings

Tiffany will help you search for homes that meet your specific needs and wishes, and will keep you updated on new properties that come on the market. Tiffany will update her expansive network on your criteria and look for off the market opportunities as well. 


Submitting an Offer

When you have identified a potential property fit. Tiffany will review all pros and cons and review the best offer plan of action for the property. 

She will review the contract with you in detail step by step. Once time to submit the offer she will have you updated with every stage of the offer submittal process.


Professional Communication & Negotiations

Tiffany’s high level of communication with the listing agent will place confidence with the agent that you are with a professional.  18+ years experience in multiple types of real estate markets has made Tiffany an expert in negotiating to get your the best price and value on the home possible. 


Inspections, New Constructions and Custom Homes

Tiffany's background in real estate development and experience in working with her father who was a builder developer, allows her to evaluate a home for its potential and find options that can help her clients have the home they truly want while building equity in it. She knows what to look for in new construction and custom home builds and will crawl under a home and evaluate everything with the inspector.


Closing Escrow

Tiffany will guide you through the closing process, making sure that everything is completed in a timely and efficient manner. She will provide a Calendar of events and breakdown of each step in the process. Check out the Escrow Process Map here. 


Moving & Welcome to Bend Life

After you have closed on your new home, Tiffany will continue to be there for you, answering any questions you may have and providing guidance on the move-in process and beyond. 

Tiffany loves to drop off pizza or tacos over the day your movers arrive. Check out her client reviews on how often they reach out for help when needed.